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Both the products and the company Ratu’s 24-13 cosmetics meet the requirements of the ICADA Hallmark.



ICADA represents certificated natural cosmetics and is comparable to other known hallmarks like BDIH and Nature, ICADA is however stricter.

ICADA is special because the hallmark also extents to the business level of the company and this also has to meet the strict demands.

The manufacturer is demanded to only manufacture the assortment with (only) 100% natural ingredients.

It is therefore not possible for the manufacturer to produce a second line of products that is not (or a little bit) natural or tested on animals.

In brief: Product and company are seen as one, need to meet the most strict demands and are controlled by an independent institute.

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Why biological?

The body is a big miracle. It is alive, moves, grows, and reproduces. It is a mesmerizing chemical factory that adapts itself to all kind of occasions. It is a wonderful organ that we all have to cherish.

How can we take care of our biggest organ “the skin” the best?

Our skin is exposed to all kinds of sensations and influences every day. We have to protect our skin from this. Think about warmth and cold, dry and humid environments, sun- and daylight, dust, dirt and physical contact. Our skin is more than most people realise, it is our first defense mechanism in the immune system. A healthy vital skin is not only desirable for beauty reasons but it also helps the rest of the body to stay healthy.

In the Netherlands we wash ourselves with soap daily. Our skin has a natural oil balance that is affected when washed with soap. That is why it is important to keep supporting the natural oil balance of the skin and take care of the skin with a cream with oils that comply with the natural oils of the skin. A cream that the skin absorbs deep and fast. A cream that is rich in vitamins that protect the skin in the natural way from UV A radiation and protects the skin of the aging effect of daylight on our skin.

What is ultraviolet radiation?

The light or radiation of the sun that reaches the earth, contains ultraviolet A, Ultraviolet B and Ultraviolet C radiation. We are protected for the UVC radiation by the ozone layer, but the UVA and the UVB radiation can reach us and has a big impact on the skin.


The UVA radiation reaching the skin can have consequences like:

•Slackening of the skin and cause of wrinkles

•Sun-intolerances (sun allergies)

•Pigment dysfunction (spots)

95% of the radiation that reached the earth is made out of UV A radiation, and this UVA radiation is present all year round. These sunbeams go through clouds, glass and goes straight into your skin.

UV B radiation are hold back by glass and clouds and don’t go as deep into your skin as UV A radiation. This radiation is responsible for visible and known effects of the sun as tanning or burning of the skin, skin cancer and allergic reactions.

For daily protection of the skin it is therefore wise to use a cream that has a natural UV A filter.


What is so bad about cosmetics that are not natural?

Natural ingredients are actually the only substances that can take care of the skin. Synthetically and substances that are not skin-natural should not be used to treat the skin because of possible risks and the direct and in-direct damage of the biological balance of the skin, and is important for the long term endurance of the skin.

A lot of these kind of ingredients and very skin- and environment unfriendly and can for example harm the hormone balance, the oil balance and the overall ecosystem of the skin.

Paraffin and silicone oils are often used in cosmetic products. Although Retained information is often that these unnatural oils damage the natural balance of the skin and close the pores. These oils dissolve the natural oils of the skin and do not produce new oils. When your stop using these products, the skin can feel dry and unpleasant. It is only logical that people start using the old oily products again and this way a so called paraffin addiction is caused.

The skin sometimes has to recover for a month of this skin addiction and adapt to a good and natural treatment of the skin.

Act wisely and stay close to nature!




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