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We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a distributor for Ratu’s 24-13 Cosmetics.


Ratu’s 24-13 cosmetics creates products that finds its origin in the mystical worlds of Bali and Java. These islands have a rich millennium of Mystical history with many cultures and kingdoms.

Ratu means queen or princess. For centuries the Ratu’s of the royal households of Bali and Java received beauty secrets from the mystical world to maintain a youthful skin and to strengthen and emanate the inner feeling of beauty.

The centre of the mystical world is the Keraton and this centre is carried by- and out of the mystical world. This cream also finds its origin in the Mystical world.


The sultans (royals) of Bali and Java are connected to the Keraton and are chosen by spiritual advisors that are connected to the centre/area of the Mysitcal world. Sultan are often extraordinary people.

The founders of Ratu’s 24-13 Cosmetics are connected to the Keraton. This is one of the reasons we have received the privilege to use their recipes for our products. We are really happy to be able to share this product with all of you and to make it available for everybody.


How do you become an official Ratu’s 24-13 distributor?

If you are enthusiastic about our products and you want to become a distributor, we would really like to meet you in person. Everybody who wants to, can be distributor. You do not have to be an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, or if you sell 3 products a month or 20 products a day.


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Frans Clements

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